The Internet program is designed to provide cost effective internet access to those teaching and learning in the Ninnekah Public School District.

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation has reached an agreement with Verizon wireless to offer special, discounted wireless internet accounts to all faculty, staff, board members and students of Ninnekah Public Schools. The plan is $48 a month with unlimited data (+ Data is prioritized after 20MB download). All new accounts receive a “Jet Pack” portable hotspot. All contract fees are born by the Foundation, so a 1-year commitment is required to obtain a hotspot.

Participants can join the internet program group to receive updates and support Here

Because the Foundation does not have the infrastructure to conduct a paper billing program, all participants are required to subscribe to the Foundations’ PayPal autopayment.

Internet hardware will not be distributed until the PayPal enrollment is set.

The Foundation also requires participants agree to a code of conduct. Participation in the internet program is a privilege and not a right. The Foundation reserves the right to revoke access, temporarily or permanently, from any participant that engages in abusive, unprofessional, or inappropriate behavior. The Foundation expects all program participants to behave in a way that conforms to expectations outlined in Ninnekah district handbooks, rules and policies. Individuals who are not eligible for the program based on breach of the Code of Conduct may still be responsible for payments to meet the one-year commitment and will not receive any refunds.

The Foundation can provide access to test hardware or a representative to answer questions with appropriate lead time.
The monthly fee has been rounded-up for simplicity and to guarantee a stable price for several years. Any additional funds will be added to the Foundation general fund, which can be granted back to the school for teacher training, classroom programs and other benefits.

Internet Program Documents