Foundation Offers Internet Service to Ninnekah Faculty, Staff and Board

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation has reached an agreement with Verizon wireless to offer special, discounted wireless internet accounts to all full-time faculty, staff and board members of Ninnekah Public Schools. The plan is $45 a month with unlimited data. All new accounts receive either a Verizon home router or a “Jet Pack” portable hotspot. There are no carrier contracts required and no termination fees with these accounts. The Foundation is also working with the school to provide a payroll deduct option for increased convenience for school personnel.

To sign-up for the program, participants will have to complete an enrollments form and pay an initial $45 – the payroll deduct program will begin a month after enrollment.

The Foundation can provide access to test hardware or a representative to answer questions with appropriate lead time. The monthly fee has been rounded-up for simplicity and to guarantee a stable price for several years. Any additional funds will be added to the Foundation general fund, which can be granted back to the school for teacher training, classroom programs and other benefits.

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