Foundation helping raise money for Ninnekah Archery to attend National Meet

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation is assisting Ninnekah Archery in raising funds to attend the National Archery Meet to be held May 5-8 in Louisville, Ken. Anyone interested in making a donation can use the PayPal button below or using

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible. Individuals who need a gift receipt should indicate it, along with their full name, in the notes section of the PayPal transaction.

Make Your Contribution Today

Please leave a note and your full name in the transaction notes is you require a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Donate today: Help the Foundation provide supplies, programs to Ninnekah students

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation was founded to help improve the lives of students and teachers. You can help support that effort by donating to the Foundation general fund (Paypal:

The Foundation’s most successful program has been the Internet Program, which provides affordable internet access to faculty, staff, and students. This program has been a tremendous benefit to those who’ve had difficulty finding fast, reliable internet access in the rural school district.

The Foundation hopes to expend on it’s previous successes and offer new programs tailored to benefit Ninnekah Schools. Programs like grants to replace crumbling textbooks, provide flu shots for all faculty and students, or offer professional development to teachers.

The Foundation has sought grants from government and other organizations, but unfortunately, those awards require matching funds that are beyond the Foundation’s current means.

The Foundation is seeking donations for the general fund to help support future efforts to improve the lives of the faculty, staff and students of Ninnekah Public Schools. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Internet program switching carriers

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation is in the process of switching carriers for the internet program. Current program participants will be given a chance to test the new Verizon devices, but Foundation personnel have tested the new devices and they provided superior performance than the current carrier.  The Foundation will make a bulk order after the start of school to replace all the existing devices.

Once school starts, the Foundation will make the program available to families with a student enrolled in Ninnekah Public Schools.

The program will have to make some changes to accommodate the terms of the new carrier contract.

  1. The price will be raised to $48/month. This increase is to offset the cost of a new feature that will allow the Foundation to GPS locate lost devices and provide remote assistance like resetting passwords.
  2. The program will ask for a one-year commitment, with the ability to cancel after one year.
  3. All payments will be processed through the PayPal automatic payment system. This reduces overhead and allows the foundation to maintain the lowest possible price for the program.
  4. The program will require the signature of a code of conduct. Use of this program is a privilege. All participants will be expected conform to the discipline policies of Ninnekah Public Schools and treat other members of the Ninnekah Community with respect, courtesy and professionalism. Failure to comply with the code of conduct may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of the participants program account without refund.

The internet program is the Foundation’s longest-running and most successful program. Anyone interested in the program can contact the Foundation through the website or though the Facebook page.

Foundation Donates 100 Bags for School to Distrbute to Deserving Students

The Ninnekah Public School Foundations is donating 100 small messenger bags to the school, to be distributed to deserving students. Ninnekah High School and Junior High will receive 30 bags each with the remaining 40 going to Ninnekah Elementary. Each building’s principal is free to distribute the bags according to the criteria and timing of their choice.

Each bad contains a letter from the Foundation, a combination ink pen-stylus, a clip and a 1 oz hand sanitizer.

These bags are part of the Foundation’s attempts to find small ways to improve the lives of Ninnekah faculty and students until the General Fund generates sufficient income to offer grants.