Foundation to Cease Operation

With great regret, the Ninnekah Public School Foundation will cease operation on August 27, 2021.

The departure of Foundation officers made the prospect of continued operation difficult. We explored many options that would allow the Foundation to continue. Unfortunately, there was no suitable way to keep the organization functioning.

The Foundation hotspot program will end and all automatic payments will be canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but this is a complex program that cannot operate without careful management.

Any remaining funds in the Foundation accounts will be donated to Ninnekah Public Schools, in accordance with our bylaws.

It is a pleasure serving the community for the past five years.

Foundation Raffle raises $350; Winners announced.

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation raffles closed Monday, May 3 at midnight raising $350.

“Overall, we had a lot of interest and we plan host another raffle in April 2022,” said Foundation President Chris Wilson. “Everyone understands that this is a project that will take time to build.”

The Foundation would like to thank C Bar C Trailers, Creative Image Studios, Wing T’s, and a number of anonymous donors that contributed prizes to the raffle.

“We know there are several businesses that wanted to participate, but they were still recovering from the impacts of COVID,” Wilson said.

The Foundation also plans to change the pricing structure for tickets new year and hopes to secure a few larger prizes to help attract attention.

Anyone interested in supporting the Foundation can still make donations at

Prize Winning Ticket Name
The Pioneer Woman Kitchen Gift Set 393-NPSF-1055 Jessica Williams
Bath and Body Gift Package 388-NPSF-1007 April Marrow
Randy Bass Signed Baseball 390-NPSF-1030 Lori Deming-Moore
Butch Husky Signed Baseball 397-NPSF-1075 Pamela Jeffreys
Wing Ts Gift Bag 388-NPSF-1009 April Marrow
Walmart Gift Card 396-NPSF-1066 Donna Boyd
Walmart Gift Card 396-NPSF-1067 April Marrow
Walmart Gift Card 391-NPSF-1033 Jason Lynn
Rib Crib Gift Card 392-NPSF-1043 Vic Stoll
Darden Resturants Gift Card 394-NPSF-1062 Faith Robinson
Bath and Body Works Gift Card 390-NPSF-1026 Lori Deming-Moore
Beer Bread Mixes 394-NPSF-1058 Sherry Hanza
Amazon Gift Card 397-NPSF-1072 Pamela Jeffreys
Creative Image Studios Gift Card 1 394-NPSF-1056 Sherry Hanza
Creative Image Studios Gift Card 2 394-NPSF-1061 Rita Joyce
Thin Blue Line Tactical Stocking and Outdoor Gift Pack 389-NPSF-1019 Faith Robinson
Folding Box Blade and Windproof Plasma Lighter 391-NPSF-1035 Jason Lynn

The Foundation will make contact with winners to determine how winners can obtain their prizes.

Foundation to Host Bucket Auction | Item Donations Welcome

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation will host an online bucket auction to raise funds toward expanding the Foundation’s programs next school year. The Foundation President will be contacting local businesses in search of auction items and anyone interested in donating an item can contact the Foundation at

What is a Bucket Auction?

A bucket auction or a basket raffle is a type a raffle where participants by a number of chances and then choose to put the chances in the “bucket” of the prizes they want to win. For example, after a Ninnekah supporter bought 100 chances, they could put 70 toward the prize they want the most, 20 toward the prize they had some interest in and the remaining 10 toward prizes with little interest. An individual could also put all their chances toward on prize they had great interest in winning. A chance is drawn from each bucket and the owner of that chance wins the prize.

How can I Help?

There are lots of ways to support the Foundation, and here are a few that anyone can do.

  1. Spread the word about our auction. The fundraiser will be most successful in lots of individuals are interested in participating. If you help spread the word, it will make it easier to secure donated items and will build excitement for when the auction launches.
  2. Donate an item. The auction will need items large and small for participants to bid on, including everything from gift cards to gift baskets to large eye-catching prizes. If you would like to donate, please contact the Foundation at or message our Facebook page.
  3. Buy some chances in the auction. When the auction goes live, you can buy chances and put them towards the items that catch your eye. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all proceeds from the auction will go to building Foundation programs.

Support the Ninnekah Foundation during your Christmas shopping

You can support the Ninnekah Public School Foundation while taking advantage of the great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by shopping through By selecting the Ninnekah Public School Foundation, a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the Foundation’s general fund.

Smile allows you to shop the full range of Amazon products and Prime benefits, while allowing you to Support the Ninneakh Public School Foundation.

Foundation launches 2020 fundraising campaign

The last two months of the year are when nonprofits receive most of their donations, either because individuals and businesses feel more giving during the holidays or because they want deductions for their taxes. This year, the Ninnekah Public School Foundation is seeking donations to expand the programs supporting Ninnekah families and teachers.

The Foundation Internet Program has expanded to the point that it is now self-sustaining, while also providing support to individuals experiencing financial hardship. The Foundation intends to build on this success by offering greater support for Ninnekah programs and, eventually, offering scholarships for Ninnekah students. These efforts will require more funding.

The Ninnenkah Public School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. The easiest way to donate is through PayPal at the button below or at Any amount will help support Ninnekah students and all donations are appreciated.

Raising Money to Support OYE Livestock Entries, Building on Gift Received

The Ninnekah Public School Foundation recently received a gift from a generous individual to help pay for the entries of students who will exhibit livestock at the Oklahoma Youth Expo in March. The Foundation would like to build on this generous gift so that this benefit can be extended to as many students as possible and so will accept additional donations specifically for this purpose.

Any donation that mentions OYE in the notes will be directed specifically for this purpose.

Anyone wishing to donate online can do so at or by contacting the Foundation.